Thursday, June 10, 2010

Quick and Easy Tech Ideas for Student Writing

When we teach writing (or speaking, for that matter), we focus on the process of writing as well as the final product.

Here are some tools that might help you as a writing (or speaking!) teacher.

  1. For brainstorming and prewriting (or prespeaking) work, try One Word. The site times its users, who get 60 seconds to freewrite about a word-of-the-day. You can also find examples of other people's brainstorming activities here to model to a reluctant class.
  2. The Great Sentences blog is a wonderful resource for finding samples of specific grammar points. Teachers collaborate to find and share sentences from literature which can serve as models for student writing, and the site is organized by grammatical, literary and rhetorical features. Highly recommended!
  3. If you are in need of a graphic organizer to help your students with idea development and organization, check out Houghton Mifflin's collection of printable and downloadable worksheets.
  4. Storybird is a web-based storyboarding site. Students can construct narratives and other pieces of creative writing, and they can collaborate with one another as well. The companion artwork is licensed by participating artists, and the final products are impressive.
Happy teaching!

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