Friday, October 21, 2011

Poetry Translation Event

Do you bring poetry into your classes? If you enjoy reading poetry with students, you might want to encourage them to participate in the upcoming Collective Translation event at LaGuardia. Last year, participants translated a Kay Ryan poem into over 25 languages. How many languages groups will be represented this year, and how many translations will they produce? People from all language backgrounds and skill levels are welcome, and the English department faculty is eager to have TELC students (and faculty!) participate.

This year's featured poet is William Carlos Williams - why not bring his work into your classes? The Poetry Foundation site has some great resources for exploring his life and work: a bio and some collected poems, annotated poems with learning guides, discussions of his work, and much more. If you are teaching an advanced class, look into the parodies of his poems. This Is Just To Say That I Am Tired Of Sharing An Apartment With William Carlos Williams is an amusing take on one of his best-loved poems.

The translation event will be held on Wednesday, November 2, from 2:15-4:30. If you or your students want to participate, please RSVP to Prof. Chris Alexander at List the languages you speak for planning purposes.

Image from 'A River Of Words' by Melissa Sweet and Jen Bryant

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