Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Two Activities And One Song

There are some new activities posted outside the Media Center, on the wiki, and in the worksheet binders. Here's a roundup.

First, a seasonal cooking clip from the Barefoot Contessa, appropriate for lower level students. The language focus here is on cooking verbs.

Then, a clip from a new network sitcom, Suburgatory. The language focus here is on analyzing portmanteaus, and would probably work best with intermediate or advanced students.

The song was a 2007 collaboration between Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson; it's a cover of a song released by a lesser known band in 2006. The cast of Glee did a version of this song last year, and it was performed by Bruno Mars at the 2011 Video Music Awards as a tribute to Winehouse. The lyrics are simple and repetitive, and it follows a nice rhyme scheme; it could work with lower level students.

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