Friday, January 13, 2012

Three Activities and Two Songs

Welcome back, everybody! Here are the new activities outside the Media Center for Winter 2012. The worksheets are available on the board outside C311, the binders in the teachers' computer room and at the teacher's desk in C311, or on the wiki.

There are two activities that combine clips from movies with text from the novels that inspired them. These activities might be more well-suited for students in intermediate to advanced levels. If you are looking for contemporary fiction to bring into the classroom, perhaps pair reading The Help or The Hunger Games with watching the movie.

This clip from the current season of 30 Rock features a long and vocabulary-rich monologue by Alec Baldwin's character, Jack Donaghy. The activity asks students to listen to the monologue while reading a gloss; they can then try to determine the meaning of some highlighted words and phrases.

The songs are currently popular on both the radio and as digital downloads. Keep Me In Mind by the Zac Brown Band is a contemporary country song with easy lyrics, and its equally simple structure makes a comfortable listening activity for students in the lower levels. Shake It Out by British stars Florence + The Machine is lyrically much more complex, but provides an opportunity for students in the higher levels to study idiomatic expressions.

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