Friday, January 6, 2012

Your LaGuardia Email

Liz sent an email around this week about the advantages of keeping your LaGuardia email active and current. The best reason is to speed up your smart classroom login time!

Because LaGuardia email passwords were recently reset, you will need to set a new password for your account. Here are the instructions again for your reference.
  1. Go to (There is also a link on the LaGuardia website, bottom right, under "Communicate.")
  2. Login with your USERNAME (first letter of first name + last name, e.g. wshakespeare) and the password (queens2012).
  3. In the top right corner of your inbox, click Options.  A window will open; click the Password tab in the window.  Type the old and new passwords.  
  4. Take a few minutes to delete old messages.  
See me or Liz with any questions!

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