Monday, April 9, 2012

Two Activities and Three Songs

Welcome back, everybody, and happy spring! These are the new activities outside the Media Center for the spring term. The worksheets are available on the board outside C311, the binders in the teachers' computer room and at the teacher's desk in C311, or on the wiki.

The three songs are current hits from different genres. Each activity has a vocabulary focus.

This Taylor Swift song is a country-influenced lullaby, and it appears on the soundtrack to The Hunger Games. The cloze activity focuses on nouns.

This Gotye song contains some interesting verb phrases (to cut offto let go, to make sense, to read into, to screw over) . The cloze activity focuses on nouns as well as verbs and verb phrases.

This B.o.B song contains a lot of proper nouns and their adjective forms; the activity focuses on those.

The two activities have conversation components, and are probably better suited for class use and not individual study.

Battleground is a Hulu television production about the American electoral process set in the swing state of Wisconsin. The trailer is a nice jumping off point for the series as a whole, and could be used to introduce vocabulary and concepts about the political process in the US to students.

Teaching A Halal Way To Make A Living is a video that accompanies the article The Tutor Speaks Cabby at The New York Times. The activity has some comprehension questions, and a simple discussion question.

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