Monday, September 24, 2012

Activity: Gangnam Style as Satire and Global Online Phenomenon

I made a silly joke about Gangnam Style to some students the other day, and when I saw how excited the Korean students got, I realized this was a perfect, timely thing to talk about in class. The activity I made is appropriate for students at intermediate and advanced levels, with a focus on vocabulary and reading and listening comprehension.

If you haven't already seen the video for Gangnam Style, here it is. It's all in Korean, so there's not much to do in our classes with this. (You may now be wondering how in the world to use this in class. Understood.)

The activity I created uses a short article and video from the Wall Street Journal. It could support discussions about online media, virality, satire, popular culture in different countries, or pop culture as an increasingly global phenomenon; I think Korean students might enjoy sharing their own insights on this song, the artist, and contemporary Korean culture. Let me know if you talk about Gangnam Style in class, and please film any dancing that may occur!

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