Monday, September 17, 2012

One Activity and Two Songs for the New Term

Welcome back! We've created three warm-up activities for the fall term; an video and reading activity designed to help students understand the presidential election process, and two songs with different levels of vocabulary difficulty.

The activity on the election process begins with this video and a series of comprehension questions designed to help students understand some important concepts and terms. The students are then instructed to go to the interactive electoral map at The New York Times, and find the answers to questions specific to the 2012 election. We've also devoted a section of the Media Center board to fielding questions and comments about the election, and we plan on sharing those student questions and opinions with faculty and students via this blog and Facebook. We've noticed that this topic is confusing yet interesting for our students, and we thought we'd try to capture this momentum. (Also, we're going to do a TELC election on Election Day, so let your students know!)

The activity that accompanies this song focuses on verbs and verb forms. The lyrics are very simple and repetitive, and the activity would make a nice warm-up for a low-level class.

There is a version of this song on YouTube with many more views, but absolutely nothing of interest happens in the actual video; therefore, we chose this video shot in Tokyo. The xx has some international recognition, and our students may be familiar with their first album. This song is off their latest release, and the lyrics are simple but poetic. The activity focuses on adjectives, verbs, and verb forms.

As a reminder, worksheets for these activities can be found on the board outside the Media Center, in the binder in the teachers' computer room, in the binder at the teacher desk in the Media Center, and electronically on the wiki. Feel free to adapt them for your classes.

(Oh, and fans of the original Caine's Arcade video - look here and below! If you show this to your class, let us know what they thought of it!)

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