Thursday, October 18, 2012

Where Are Our Students From?

We recently finished compiling the demographic information for all programs for the fall term, and we thought you'd be interested in knowing where our students come from. The slideshow below breaks down the population of students by program: morning, afternoon, evening, and Saturday.

There are a few patterns worth noting here. Our enrollment of Chinese students continues to grow every term across all of our programs; there are a significant number of Chinese in the evening and Saturday programs, even though they appear as Other in the charts above. Also, in the evening programs, the great majority of our Polish students are enrolled in the part-time Reading and Writing courses; they tell us they feel comfortable with speaking and listening, but need to improve their writing skills for the workplace.

We plan on conducting some more demographic research with the evening and Saturday students to get a better picture of their needs, and we also welcome your input on the shifting demographics at TELC.

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