Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Friday After Sandy

If you are teaching tomorrow, November 1, you should be aware that we might need to combine classes and levels, depending on how many of our colleagues are able to make it in. Rebecca B. had the excellent idea to compile some Hurricane Sandy themed materials that could be used in combined classes. Please feel free to take some of these ideas; make suggestions of your own in the comments.


These photo slideshows from New York Magazine could be used as warm-up, discussion, or writing materials. Consider showing one or more of the photos and ask students to generate vocabulary lists, talk in pairs or groups about what they see, or write about what they see. Also, this could lead to students sharing their own photos from Sandy with the rest of the class.


Since levels might be combined, it might be best to keep the readings as simple as possible. Here is a short and easy letter to Metropolitan Diaries at the New York Times, followed by a more complex article on Mayor Bloomberg's Spanish.


Since Friday is a writing day anyhow, this might be a nice chance to allow the students to write about their own Sandy experiences. A simple prompt on the board, and you're good to go.

Thanks to all who can make it in tomorrow, and I hope everyone is safe.

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