Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Musical Timeline Of New York City

Been to this spot lately? Changes!

For this summer, we decided to revisit the musical timeline of New York that we featured in Summer 2011. The activities don't have a strong grammar focus - mostly a vocabulary focus - but it might be nice for students to listen to these songs as they read along. There are ideas on each worksheet for further reading, listening, or other exploration of the songs and artists. List of songs and artists below, click through for videos. Worksheets are on the Media Center board, in the teacher's computer room, and on the wiki.

The Velvet Underground, Sunday Morning (1966)
Simon & Garfunkel, The Only Living Boy In New York (1970)
Patti Smith Group, Because The Night (1978)
Kurtis Blow, The Breaks (1980)
Jeff Buckley, Last Goodbye (1994)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Maps (2003)
Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, Empire State Of Mind (2009)

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