Thursday, November 7, 2013

Professional Development Day 2013

Did you miss it, or would you like to review what happened? Click through for the presentations and handouts from Professional Development Day 2013.

Where's My Stuff? The Cloud as a Portable File Cabinet
Presented by Heather Barikmo and Kata Lam. You can also link to materials from the beginner breakout session with Kata, and materials from the advanced breakout session with Heather. (Gabriel wrote some funny haikus in the advanced breakout session - ask him to share the doc with you to get some Google Drive practice!)

Back to Basics: Concepts and Activities for Successful Lessons
Presented by Liz Iannotti and Olivia Limbu. The handouts from this workshop are here.

Finding and Sharing Meaningful Content in Your Classes
Presented by Mary Nance-Tager and Rebecca Olerich.

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