Monday, February 3, 2014

Teacher Ideas: Real Simple Magazine

This idea comes to us from Jeanne and Cathy. Jeanne brings pages from Real Simple magazine into her classes, and she mentioned to Cathy that she found them to be enjoyable for her students. Cathy recently took this page on palm reading into class, and she reported that her students understood the content easily. The text is simple, the layout is clean, there is a good deal of white space, and the graphic is integral to the text. Cathy had a lot of participation in the communicative activities she designed to go with this, and she thinks that the clarity of input helped with that.

This is a case where the print version of the magazine is more useful than the web version. The layout is less clean and the ads are distracting on the web version. The print version, however, is consistently clean and, well, real simple. A Google image search of the terms "real simple magazine layouts" illustrates this nicely. 

Do you ever read this magazine? Would you use it in class? More importantly, should I be worried about my short life line? (Maybe I don't like this illustration after all. This fictional hand will live much longer than my real one.)

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