Friday, April 18, 2014

Activity Roundup: A Girl And Her Eagle, Bodega Cats, and Portlandia

Pictures as prompts, audio, and video: here are some current things you could bring into the classroom.

These amazing images have been making the rounds this week. Meet Ashol-Pan, a 13 year-old hunter in Mongolia. A full photo essay and some text is available at the BBC, and I think these photos and her story could serve as rich prompts: Do people still hunt in your home country? What does traditional hunting look like in your country? What "men only" professions are women starting to participate in? If you could tame any wild animal, what animal would you choose?

WNYC has some fun stories about the bodega cats of New York City. This video imagines a few bodega cats if they could talk. This story (audio and text) reports on the legal and practical issues surrounding our furry grocery guards. And, if you want some pictures, may I present to you Bodega Cats Of Instagram? If you think of a lesson activity to go with these materials, let us know!

I designed a listening, vocabulary, and conversation activity to go with this clip from the show Portlandia. The vocabulary is appropriate for students at higher levels, and the topic is a great satirical take on the state of our social relations.

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