Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Teacher Ideas: Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt

In December, I shared an interactive piece made by Planet Money on how t-shirts are made. This piece functions as a web-based app, with videos, text, and photos to tell a fascinating story about globalization and the garment industry. Neil created a lesson to go with the series, and he has shared it with us. He says:
In “How to Make a T-Shirt”, National Public Radio’s “Planet Money” host Alex Bloomberg takes us around the world to follow the manufacturing of  a simple t-shirt. From the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta to the garment factories in Bangladesh, the story gives us insight into how the modern global economy works, and how it impacts the lives of people all along its path. This video lesson is appropriate for intermediate and high intermediate classes (4-6).
If you'd like to use this lesson, here are the materialsIf you plan to have the students work through the questions independently in a computer lab, direct them to the homepage of the app and let them navigate the content at their own pace. If you plan to show the videos on a classroom screen, the introduction video is above and the videos for the four chapters - Cotton, Machines, People, and Boxes - are embedded below.

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