Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Teacher Ideas: Live And Learn

As we wrap up the year, let's take some time to reflect on the personal stories of our students. Thanks to Kevin for once again writing up his students' stories in a meaningful way.

Live and Learn, by Kevin Lathrop

Students learn from our courses, and they also learn from life. As teachers, we achieve the best results when we acknowledge and draw on the experience and insight of those we instruct. Students from Level Four on Saturday presented the following as true-life stories they have learned from.

Ratna, a great student from Bangladesh, told a story from when she was sixteen years old. She fell in love with a guy named Masud, who is her husband now. A fairly long time passed between their first communication and actually seeing each other. At the beginning, they just talked on the phone. After one year, they finally met face to face. By then, they had told each other everything about themselves.