Friday, February 6, 2015

Teacher Ideas: Johnny T

Are you familiar with Glove and Boots? It's a web series on YouTube...starring puppets. Johnny T is one of the more entertaining characters in the Glove and Boots repertoire, and Neil has created lessons to accompany two of the most popular Johnny T videos. The language and humor are on the colorful side, so be forewarned. Thanks, Neil!

The activities to support Johnny T's NYC Tourist Tips include previewing discussion questions, vocabulary matching, and comprehension questions. This video addresses the controversial topic of "best pizza", so here's your chance to evangelize for your favorite.

The activities to support Johnny T's Subway Tips include a short reading on subway facts, previewing questions, an in-class survey, some features of Brooklynese, and note taking.

Related: The subject of subway etiquette is near and dear to my heart, so shout out to Dame Helen Mirren for taking Johnny T's sensible advice.

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