Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nafisa's Reflections

Nafisa Ali, former TELC student
Thanks to Nursen and Wayne for their fantastic work on the TELC Student Literary Magazine - and big thanks also go to the students who contributed and to the teachers who encouraged them. A very sweet and lovely thing happened after we made the call for submissions. Nafisa Ali, a TELC alum, saw the call on Facebook, and got in touch. She wondered if we would accept a piece from her reflecting on her time at TELC. You'll find it on the first page of the magazine, and also below. Thank you, Nafisa.

A Former TELC Student's Reflections
by Nafisa Ali

On a mid-summer day with a shaky heart, I entered the TELC office to get information about the ESL courses. While walking towards room 354, I met a lady with a lovely smile.
At that time, I did not know she was the international adviser who would be my mentor for the next one and a half years. When I went into the office, the people at the front desk gave me initial information. However, it was the lovely lady, Yvette, who assured me and gave all the relevant information which started my journey at LaGuardia Community College. I went to a few others colleges, but honestly speaking, I felt the most comfortable when I spoke with Yvette.

I was a student at TELC from Levels 5-9 (Jan 2013 to June 2014). It was a great pleasure to be a part of this excellent ESL program. I consider this writing to be a memory and a note of thanks for my journey at TELC. I was fortunate to be a student of many excellent teachers like Stephen Hosmer, Wayne Kennedy, Jimmy Sangenito, Judy Plotkin, Rebecca Olerich, Neil Applebaum, Christopher Murphy and Mary Nance Tager. Their continuous support and effective teaching made my further education easier. I am highly satisfied with all the knowledge I have acquired from this ESL learning experience. In addition, the TOEFL preparation, which was a part of this ESL program, was extremely beneficial because it is required to get entry for further studies as an international student.

Being a part of TELC has also enriched my multi-cultural and multi-ideological experiences. I came to know different cultures and share ideas with friends from other countries. A few city trips that I attended helped me know New York City better. Finally, it was a great pleasure to take part in the International Cultural Fair and work as an ambassador for my country, Bangladesh.

I have recommended many of my family and friends to take courses offered by TELC. Right now, I am doing my second Bachelors in Sociology at Lehman College in the Bronx. I am thankful to all TELC staff for their continuous support. I wish TELC will continue to enroll many more international students like me.

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  1. I was a Telc student as well. I just can say that Telc is such a wonderful program with stupendous teachers like Rebecca Olerich, Jimmy Sangento, Wayne Kennedy among others. Moreover, thanks to the Telc program I made a lot of friends like Nafisa. To sum up, I had an unforgettable experience. Miss all of you. Greetings from Colombia. Katerin Páez.