Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Van Gogh's Bedroom

Photo via Airbnb
What would it feel like to live inside a painting? The Art Institute of Chicago has recreated the bedroom from Van Gogh's painting Bedroom In Arles, and has listed the room on Airbnb. Here are some ideas for using this topic in class.
  • Ask students to compare the replica bedroom with the painting. Students can focus on comparison grammar either in writing or verbally. (A good side-by-side image can be found here.)
  • Do reading comprehension exercises using one of the many short articles online about this exhibit. Colossal focuses on the details of the exhibit. TimeOut Chicago features interesting idiomatic language.
  • Talk about whether or not you would like to sleep one night in this room. Ask students to find an image, picture, or painting they would like to spend one night inside, and explain why.

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