Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mid-Term Self Assessment Week: Some Ideas

Chart by Jessica Hagy

It's the middle of the summer term, and therefore the week we encourage everyone to do a self-assessment in their classes. Here are a few ideas you might consider, ranging from no-prep to more comprehensive.

  • The George Washington University Teaching & Learning Center has some excellent resources for Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) based on the work of Angelo & Cross (1993). I particularly like the Minute Paper and Directed Paraphrasing techniques in this list.
  • Exit Slips are an easy favorite. Why not try a slightly longer survey - instead of short slips - and ask a few of these questions? 
  • A Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID) is a great tool for understanding the dynamics of a particular class at the midterm. The facilitator / teacher breaks the class into small groups, giving each group a handout with three questions about the class. After the students discuss these questions in small groups for a few minutes, the whole class comes back together, and students share their suggestions one at a time. The facilitator puts the three categories on the board (Like, Needs Improvement, Suggestions), and notes the student feedback under each category, The greatest strength of the SGID comes next; the facilitator asks how many students agree with a particular piece of feedback, and tallies the count next to each item. The SGID is uniquely powerful in that it creates a whole class dialogue from which a consensus or larger pattern can emerge. More detailed information on how to conduct an SGID can be found here.

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