Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Websites For Teaching

Are you looking for a new web resource to use in your lesson planning? Have you forgotten about an old favorite? Teguh recently revised a list of websites for teaching that once lived on our wiki (RIP, wiki), removing resources that are no longer active and adding some new ones. They are organized alphabetically by category below.


This project of The Internet TESL Journal has thousands of contributions by many teachers, including quizzes and worksheets.

Grammar quizzes written by contributors from various colleges and universities.

User-friendly website for grammar, pronunciation, and listening with interactive picture dictionary.

Downloadable grammar lessons with quizzes and exercises.

Grammar exercises, vocabulary videos, pronunciation exercises, and interactive quizzes.

Grammar, vocabulary, and listening activities.

FrazeIt (New!)
A corpus-based "phrase manager" which shows how words and phrases appear in authentic sentences.

No Red Ink (New!)
Grammar and writing exercises with features for teachers to track student progress.

Listening and Speaking

Video and audio podcasts for oral communication.

TV, movies, commercials, and short clips from major networks and movie studios.

LaGuardia's Streaming Media Project
Stream content from the LaGuardia library's online media collection. Available on campus only.

One in 8 Million
Audio slideshows on individual New Yorkers. Very popular among L/S teachers! Great pictures, great accents.

Presentation software. A great alternative to PowerPoint for final presentations!

Another of the greatest hits among our L/S faculty. Recorded interviews between two people. Many instructors do speaking projects based on this format. See the Teachers' Guide in the Training and Resources section for ideas.

Longer recorded audio selections. Essays read aloud by the people who wrote them, so the companion text is available on the site.

User-generated video content.


English Interactive (New!)
Interactive American English practice.

Learn American English Online (New!)
American English pronunciation practice. See the rest of the site for grammar ideas and more.

Pronuncian (New!)
Lessons, podcasts, and videos for American English pronunciation practice.

Simple English News (New!)
Short and current news stories that lend themselves to discrete pronunciation practice.


Text of many short stories - somewhat oriented towards British authors, but not entirely.

Literacy-oriented reading and writing curriculum development. Includes lesson plans and concepts, web-interactives for students, adaptable rubrics, and so much more.

The New Yorker
The site contains much of what you find in the print version (though not all), as well as web exclusives and archives.

VOA News (New!)
Current news stories with vocabulary exercises and audio clips for listening.

A word cloud generator. Plug in text from any source to make word clouds for vocabulary activities and pre-reading prediction tasks.


Vocabulary exercises, including many based off the Academic Word List (AWL).

Picture-based vocabulary sets with pronunciation examples. Also includes an irregular verb set.

Vocabulary test to estimate the number of English words a speaker knows.


Sentences from literature to model grammar, rhetoric or literary devices.

Daily freewriting prompts.

THE online resource for academic writing reference. Includes a comprehensive ESL section and a lot of information on MLA style, including citations and references.

See description above in the Reading section.

Digital storytelling and publication tool.

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