Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Languages Across The Curriculum

This symposium on Friday is free, on campus, and may be of interest to many of you. Teachers are also encouraged to bring their classes, if they wish. Click here to register; the schedule (including afternoon offerings) is listed below.

9:00-9:30             Breakfast and welcome
9:30-10:00           Keynote Speaker, Prof. Susan Dicker
10:00-10:15         Questions, discussion
10:30-11:30         Panel 1 –Typology of languages at LaGuardia
11:45-12:30         Panel 2 –Bilingual pedagogy
12:30-1:00           Lunch
1:00-1:15             Presentation on Language Museums
1:20-2:00             Panel 3 –What is lost in translation? (Featuring student presenters)
2:15-3:15             Panel 4 – Faculty and tutor roundtable on working with multilingual students
3:15-3:25             Break
3:25-4:00             Closing roundtable, CUNY-specific challenges and opportunities
4:00-4:25             Questions/discussion
4:30-5:00             Reception

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